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When conveying wastewater, the target is to protect our environment – an environmentally sound, long lasting and leak tight pipe system is the solution.

For the transportation of surface water and domestic wastewater, Pipelife offers a variety of gravity and pressure pipe systems in all common stiffness classes, made of PVC, PP and PE, with both smooth and structured walls. 

  • PVC Pipe System

A comprehensive range of PVC pipes and fittings is available in diameters ranging from 110 to 630 mm, and stiffness classes SN 4 and SN 8. The system is completed with fittings such as T-pieces, lateral inlets and adapters to concrete pipes.

  • PP Pipe Systems

As polypropylene solution, Pipelife developed Pragma® OD (160 to 630 mm) and ID (200 to 1400 mm) a highly resistant double wall system made to match the requirements of municipal sewer systems.

  • PE Pipe System

Our high-performance polyethylene pipe systems ranging from 110 to 400 mm are designed for sewers under operating pressures up to PN 25.


Product Highlights

Explore our various sewage and drainage pipe systems in the categories below. For further questions please contact us or download our catalogs.

Pragma® System

Pragma® is a state-of-the-art system of pipes, fittings and chambers for external sewage systems. The components are made of top quality PP-b block polypropylene co-polymer.

PP Master

A powerful pipe: PP Master, a 3-layer sewer pipe system made of polypropylene, specially designed for public domestic water engineering.

PRO Manholes and Inspection Chambers

The system is designed to provide access to sewer or stormwater systems for inspection, cleaning and sampling.


The collection of stormwater and its controlled release back into the ground is essential especially for areas subjected to intense rainfall. Stormbox is a unique stormwater detention and retention solution and is part of our Raineo® Rainwater Management System.

Covers and Grates

Complete your pipe, manhole or chamber system with equal quality and opt for composite covers and grates. Click to find out what other unmatched benefits they offer apart from being theft proof and easy to handle.