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AQUALINE - Drinking water pipes for special applications

The AQUALINE pipe systems from Pipelife Austria for the drinking water supply guarantee a high degree of safety and comply all international standards and quality specifications.

The AQUALINE product family is particularly recommended for trenchless laying techniques, especially when stringent requirements are placed on the pipe system.


These drinking water pipes from Pipelife Austria from PE 100-RC are characterized by:

  • High resistance to slow crack growth
  • Very good resistance to point loads

They therefore have an exceptionally long service life even under severe conditions.


This pipe system is a further development of our Robust Pipe, which has been tried and tested for years in combination with the excellent properties of PE 100-RC. This resulted in a particularly resistant combination of the AQUALINE RC tube (medium pipe) and a peelable protective sheath made of mineral-reinforced polypropylene.

AQUALINE RC ROBUST drinking water pipes are characterized by:

  • Additional extreme protection against mechanical surface damage (such as notches, scratches and abrasions)
  • Increased resistance to point loading

NEW - Online laying videos

Learn more about the installation of AQUALINE RC ROBUST pipes with trenchless installation techniques. These two short videos show the installation of drinking water pipes using horizontal flushing and bursting.


The new AQUALINE RC FAST plug-in system provides a fast, secure and tension-resistant connection through plugging. This is made possible thanks to a pull-resistant push-in socket, which is welded onto the pipe at the factory. This connection technology (as opposed to welding) is weather non-reliant.

AQUALINE RC FAST Pipes and sleeves are made of PE 100-RC and are therefore particularly resistant to slow crack growth and resistance to point loads. Thus, the system is also suitable for laying without proper bedding material.

AQUALINE RC FAST is characterized by:

  • Quick and easy installation using a plug connection
  • Tension-resistant connection without additional elements
  • Laying regardless of the weather
  • Compatible with existing PE pressure pipe systems
  • Complete molding program
  • Recyclable

For further information please download our catalog (PDF).