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District Heating and Cooling

Complete energy efficient solutions

With efficient energy delivery, district heating and cooling systems enable a centralized production of thermal energy for single developments to citywide networks.

For a safe and reliable setup, choose from our broad range of complete systems with pre-insulated single, double and quadruple cross-linked polyethylene pipes (for both heating and hot water). All pipes comprise an oxygen-diffusion barrier for optimized durability. 

Your Benefits at a glance 

  • Uniform high-quality with complete systems including matching connectors and accessories
  • Quick and efficient installation thanks to small pipe bending radius
  • Complete project set-up from planning through to calculations, delivery, and on site support
  • Reduced heat loss and protection against frost due to multi-layer thermal insulation pipes
  • For sub-zero installations pipes are integrated with a heating wire
  • Minimal maintenance and expected service life of 100 years or more 


Reducing heat loss and preventing frost with quality insulation

To limit any heat loss or frost for underground distribution networks (for heating as well as cooling), the multi-layer thermal insulation of our pipes is made from cross-linked, microcellular polyethylene (PEX) foam with a water-repellent closed cell structure. 

For areas with extreme temperatures, pipes can be integrated with a heating wire. 

Cottages in snow

Compatible with renewable energy sources

Improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions even more by combining district heating and cooling systems with renewable energy sources.

Our piping systems are compatible with alternative energy sources such as solar panels and geothermal heat pumps.

How district heating and cooling provides ecological solutions

Reduced CO2 emissions

By employing heat transfer that uses electricity generated from renewable energy, district heating and cooling networks provide very ecological solutions, as they do not use combustion heat, resulting in minimal CO2 emissions.

Ideal for suface heating and cooling

With the ability to combine district heating and cooling systems with a hydronic system for surface heating and cooling, your buildings require less energy and produce fewer emissions. A perfect setup for eco villages, low energy housing and offices.

100-year service life

Plastic piping systems are a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice, especially when considering their extremely long service life. With superior resistance to corrosion and abrasion, and excellent joint performance, plastic pipes last at least 100 years, if not longer.

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