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Netherlands – Reducing CO2 Emission

Pipelife Netherlands has started to insulate the die heads in order to achieve positive environmental effects…

At the beginning of 2010 Pipelife Netherlands started its project to insulate all mid-size die heads that have more than 50% utilization which are practically all types in the Netherlands. The “green project” will be finalized in Q1 2011, will have a pay-back-time of less than 3 years and has several positive effects within the company.

For each new project one of the criteria is low energy consumption and in this case minor/no additional costs are needed in order to reduce the CO2 emission vitally due to energy savings on heating of more than 15%. At the same time the costs are lowered as the pre-heating time is shortened.
It is a concern to create more awareness to reduce energy-waste in general as private and business situations are equal. In the factory even automatic doors have been installed in order to reduce the energy consumption for heating.

Not to forget is also the positive SHE effect of this entire project. The risk of burning on a hot surface is completely eliminated and no injuries can occur. The investment of around 300-500 Euro to insulate a small head is therefore definitely worthwhile – for the environment and working conditions.