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Pipelife introduces Raineo® at InfraTech 2013

Recently Pipelife Netherlands successfully rolled out the new Raineo® Solution at the Infra Tech 2013 in Rotterdam with what has been referred to as “A brilliant booth design and theme”. 

What makes InfraTech so unique is that producers, contractors and clients - supply and demand - are brought together on one exhibition floor. An impressive 54 contractors exhibited at InfraTech this year and 25,000 people visited each booth over a 4 day period.  The largest customers in the infrastructure sector are public clients such as Rijkswaterstaat, each of the 12 provinces in Holland, municipalities and water boards of Holland. There is clear evidence in the market that full rainwater solutions are the wave of the future. Now Raineo can catch that wave thanks to the Pipelife R&D for the concept and the Netherlands team for the real market implementation. Working together, these teams have made available an excellent opportunity for the entire Pipelife Group to enjoy.

Besides the Raineo® booth, Pipelife Netherlands also utilized social media by advertising on the Dutch Twitter account, LinkedIn and the local Pipelife website. Each guest was also invited to check in at the Redbox participant scanner that would eventually track all of the clients that entered the booth. Participants were also invited to “Tweet” about their experience and in return they were given a chance to win a special signature addition TWC wristwatch. The significance of the watch comes from the sponsorship of the Dakar Maxxis racing team that is followed by many in Holland and around the globe. Topping everything off perfectly, the Raineo® booth also offered specialty cooked dishes from Chef Jurre De Boer.

Raineo® is not only about products, it’s about a complete rainwater solution!

With the growing concerns of unpredictable weather and the impacts of global warming, rainwater management systems have become a necessity. Without a system like the patented Raineo® solution of which Pipelife is now proud to offer, we will never be able to capture, retain and re-use the valuable resource of water.