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Pipelife Finland launches Raineo Rainwater management system

The system extends to Raineo design solutions and Raineo® pipes.

The new solution was introduced to the market on the 2017 Yhdyskuntatekniikka Exhibition in Jyväskylä Finland.

Raineo® rainwater management system provides an extended range of products, including new range of products for rainwater treatment and even Raineo® DW storm water pipes.

Raineo® separators are reliable and CE-tested and approved by an external auditor.

The products are tailor-made and ready to be installed, equipped with telescopic maintenance shaft. Raineo® rainwater treatment systems are combination of sand separators, oil separators and sampling chambers with nominal flow of NS3-150/450.

With "By Flow" system the nominal flow can be increased with 2/3 of the capacity, thus up the NS450. NS3-NS 15 separators are manufactured to rotation-molded chambers and over NS15 separator systems are made to spirally wound pipes superstructures. 

In Finland Raineo® solution consists also of high quality PP rainwater pipes.

Raineo® pipes are manufactured according the SBC requirements of Nordic Poly Mark –quality mark. Raineo® Pipes are available from DN110 to DN560.

Pipelife Finland has developed in collaboration with designers and Corporate R&D a new Raineo® configurator.

Basic design parameters:

Surface area, material, duration and class, in addition to local rainfall data and legislation the system defines a suitable combination of Sandseparator, oilseparator and sampling chamber. By using Raineo Configurator designer receives CAD drawings that can be attached to planning documentation.

The separators also include the oil filling alarm device as a standard.

The Raineo separators are durable and operationally reliable, keeping the life cycle cost in close consideration

The separators are produced according to strict guidelines and the high quality ensures the same operative lifetime even in harsh conditions.

PE as a material is extremely durable and enables an easy transportation and quick installation. The chemical resistance of PE is also far better than the older versions made of concrete. The test results for the Raineo fulfill and exceed with high margin the EN 825 standards.

"Pipelife provides its capabilities and expertise from last 25 years with Raineo configurator and design services. By utilizing Raineo services Pipelife helps designers and architects to find perfect solution for their and their customers' specific needs. With the Raineo® launch we are able to provide the broadest range of Rainwater management products and best solution available on the market." States Mika Ervasti proudly from Pipelife Finland.

"Talokaivo Oy Acquisition opened for Pipelife a strategic window by enabling the extension of the sand and oilseparators product range. Under Raineo® brand we can proudly distribute the separator expertise and knowledge to the rest of the Pipelife companies." continues Markus Sifverberg, Director Raineo Sales from Finland. He is on tour with all new Raineo® water treatment products and looking forward to meeting all PLC´s interested to extend their Raineo product range with new sand and oil separators.  

More information:

Markus Sifverberg
Raineo Sales Director
+358 400 9004265


Mika Ervasti
Product manager, HVAC
+358 40 8453206


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