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STORMBOX water unit will slow the flow

Vienna. Incessant rainfall can leave a path of destruction through flooding, land subsidence and overloading of sewers. However, Pipelife is now launching STORMBOX, a very strong modular system that will store run-off from urbanised areas and release it at rates that reflect a more natural flow. Applications are various and product features convey a wide range of benefits to users.

Hielke Hoekstra from Corporate R&D who developed the retention/detention unit explains: “Our STORMBOX is made from high performance material that is environmentally friendly. It is designed to be the strongest unit of its kind in the market and has a net capacity of 206 litres of usable volume.”

“Because it is a modular system, it is fast and simple to stack. Its low weight means that it can be handled with ease.”

STORMBOX is made from injection moulded polypropylene and measures 1,200 mm (length) x 300 mm (height) x 600 mm (width). It is produced in a lattice structure and will be accompanied by a ground plate and clips to quickly assemble the installation.

The STORMBOX is easy to stack in a brick bond arrangement giving extra stability to larger applications. Given that community users require inspection possibilities, the unit has all the options for easy inspection by camera, no matter how the boxes are stacked.

“The STORMBOX can be used for houses, buildings, residential areas – anywhere that needs flood prevention and/or water infiltration. An assortment of PVC pipes and fittings is available to ensure that the harvested water can be gradually conveyed to the drainage system. When wrapped in waterproof polyethylene, the STORMBOX converts to an ideal retention box. It can even be used as a way to nurture trees and for cultivation,” says Hoekstra.

Pipelife’s product manager for the unit at Pipelife Netherlands is Marco Berkhout. He is convinced that there is a significant demand for such an innovation in his own country. Furthermore, he sees a demand in many European countries: “A big plus is that the STORMBOX requires minimal maintenance and can be easily cleaned. Its inherent strength to volume ratio is clearly a desirable feature.”

“Because the water that we drink has been harvested from rainwater, it is important that it is as clean as possible at source. Properly constructed and maintained storm water devices together with oil and grease interceptors can redirect sediments and contaminants. STORMBOX provides an effective and economical way to solve these problems.”

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