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Stormbox conquers Austria

In no time the Stormbox conquered the Austrian market. “The combination of strength, inspection and cleaning gave it a big push for our market”, said Christian Bruckner who is responsible for the marketing and sales of these products. Construction manager Klaus Thonhofer confirmed and added: “The easy handling of the Stormbox is a big advantage. It gave us the possibility to finish the project in a few days only”.

Klaus Thonhofer was responsible for the installation of Stormboxes below a new service center in Kapfenberg. To avoid flooding problems, the rainwater had to be collected and infiltrated on the same place. As service centers include garages, big parking places and reparation sides, the box should be strong enough to withstand the loads of passing cars and heavy trucks. The township chose the Stormbox not only for its strength, but also for its possibility to inspect and clean. “You never know what will go over and through it” clarified Christian. 

Limited space gave the final decision for the Stormbox near a school in Gumboldskirchen. The Stormbox has the biggest rainwater storage capacity of all the systems you can find on the market. More than 95.5% of the created volume in the ground can be used to store the water. Compared to gravel solutions, where less than 30% can be used for storage, it means a lot of space and cost savings.

Drainage trenches are laid below the streets of densely populated areas. In Gänserndorf Stormboxes were used, because the trenches could then be easily split up in different sections, while staying connected. Here 5 layers of boxes were needed to ensure that Gänserndorf is free from water on the streets.

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