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Master 3 - The new drainage System for Professionals

On 26 April Pipelife Austria presented the new drainage system MASTER 3 in the Magna Racino. The name itself gives some idea regarding the new range. "3" stands for the three layers of which the pipe is composed and which impart particularly good characteristics such as, e.g., high rigidity, outstanding sound absorption and a good impact strength to it.

"MASTER", on the one hand, an allusion to "PP MASTER" the proven conduit range from Pipelife, most importantly, however, reflects the target group focused. MASTER 3 is exclusively targeted at professionals and cannot be found in the do-it-yourself stores.

The 3 layers provide their own specific characteristics

MASTER 3 drainage pipes consist of three polypropylene layers optimally complement each other. Each layer has its own special effect on the characteristics of the pipe:

The smooth inner layer prevents incrustations, provides for very good discharge capacity and is jointly responsible for the good noise control characteristics. The white colour of the inner layer facilitates camera inspection.

The semi-rigid intermediate layer provides high rigidity and provides for specific robustness. The impact resistant external layer makes the pipe particularly hard-wearing and permits perfect assembly even at low temperatures.

MASTER 3 fulfils the requirements regarding improved noise control

The MASTER 3 system has undergone rigorous acoustic measurements according to DIN EN14366 at the Frauenhofer Institute in Stuttgart (test report P - BA 53/2007). The values achieved during these measurements fulfil the requirements regarding improved noise control in domestic equipment as defined in ÖNORM B 8115 - 2 (the standard specifies = 25 dB (A)).

An independent range

Due to its colour, MASTER 3 can be easily differentiated from other drainage pipes. "We deliberately decided in favours of the brown external layer. It is to demonstrate, on the one hand, the proximity to our high-quality "PP MASTER" conduit range, on the other hand, we deliberately want to tread a totally independent path in the drainage area", explains Michael Tomischek, the product manager of Pipelife Austria, responsible for the range.

Best earning prospects for the professional

Franz Grabner, division manager for sales & marketing at Pipelife Austria, stresses the commercial importance of the new product for the professionals. "MASTER 3 is a technically outstanding product, which optimally fulfils all requirements of a modern drainage system, be it in a single-family house or an apartment house or an industrial building. Besides the technical benefits, it also offers a further crucial plus for a plumber. Owing to its outstanding price/performance ratio, MASTER 3 ensures excellent earning prospects
for the professional."

The new drainage system from Pipelife is not distributed via the do-it-yourself shops. According to Grabner this also offers the plumbers a tremendous benefit: "MASTER 3 will be available only to the professionals via a separate distribution channel. Besides the quality of his services, the plumber can thus differentiate himself clearly from the cheap products and the do-it-yourself-market by using MASTER 3. This strengthens his position."

Highest quality from the market leader

"Pipelife is the market leader among the Austrian pipe manufacturers. This position itself requires us to defend our good reputation and pay attention to the highest quality during production - from raw material selection to the use of the most modern extruding and pipe coupling technology. Therefore MASTER 3 obviously fulfils even the specific product requirements and apart from the internal quality control, is constantly inspected by an authorized third-party testing institute. We are convinced, that MASTER 3 will satisfy the requirements of planners and plumbers regarding a technically high-quality and competitive drainage system", adds Karl Aigner, Managing Director, Pipelife,Austria with confidence.

Spectacular show in Magna Racino

On 26 April, Pipelife had invited the top-customers from the housing construction industry to Magna Racino in Ebreichsdorf for a presentation on the new products. About 150 invitees attended and experienced an impressive evening in every respect.

To start with, the demonstration of installation of the new Easy-Clip under-floor heating system impressed the spectators. Not only because the clip fixer does away with the annoying bending when fixing the clips in the grid mat, but also because of the humour and comedic talent shown by the Pipelife employees during the demonstration.

This was followed by - in the truest sense of the word - the unveiling of the new MASTER 3 drainage system. The Shaolin monks demonstrated the qualities hidden in the pipe in their subsequent show. Instead of the usual wooden bars, they used the new Pipelife pipe for their exercises. MASTER 3 withstood the tests by the Shaolin masters!

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