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Heating includes all pipe systems for distribution of drinking water and heating inside the house. The focus of this application is on innvative design in the area of sanitary-potable water distribution, under-floor, wall, central and low energy heating systems.

The Pipelife product range is represented by various types of plastic pipe systems like Radopress, PPR pipes and fittings, five-layer PEX/EVOH pipes, PERT pipes and QualPex. All these products combine excellent performance with competitive prices.


For more detailed information on our Heating applications please contact us or download our catalogs.

Geothermal systems DUETA and GEOLIFE

To enhance the use of renewable energy, we offer a broad range of geothermal solutions. With our vertical ground collectors, horizontal systems, baskets or spiral loops, we can provide the most suitable solution for any given circumstances. Under the name DUETA we offer a 40mm collector loop made of a PE 100 pipe with a wall thickness of 2.4mm, a butt-welded U-piece and an integrated weight. This system is primarily used in the Nordic markets. For Central and Eastern Europe, we offer our GEOLIFE solution, a 32mm collector loop comprised of a PE-RC pipe with a wall thickness of 3mm, a butt-welded U-piece and an external weight. Two of these collector loops can be connected to form a four pipe collector loop, as used in many countries.


Composite Pex-Al-Pex orPex-Al-Pert pipes in combination with corrosion resistant brass and PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) fittings provide a universal solution for all Hot & Cold applications.

PPR pipes and fittings

made of random polypropylene, dominate the sanitary segment of the CEE markets and Russia as well as Turkey and the Balkan States.

PEX/PERT underfloor heating

The crosslinked polyethylene and PE raised temperature pipe for hot & cold water, central heating and underfloor heating systems from Ireland, Greece and Turkey.

Case Studies

Austria: Building service solutions from one source

Pipelife Austria has supplied the majority of the pipes and accessory components for the building services of a residential complex in Götzendorf, Lower Austria.

Hungary: In Control of Living Comfort

Optimal indoor climate control and quiet piping tailored by Pipelife Hungary. Pipelife delivers heating and cooling solutions as well as wastewater- and soil-systems for the high quality complex Párizsi Udvar in Budapest.