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Raineo: Our Technique

A typical system:

A typical Raineo project catches the rainwater, redirects it to a cleaning station and stores it into the tank build out of Stormboxes or infiltration pipes. Sometimes a flow control unit is used to discharge the tank.


Catching and redirecting

The water is collected through a series of entry points: road gullies (highways), line drainage (parking lots), gutters (residential or commercial) and permeable street pavers.


The best practice is to use entry or non-entry manholes and inspection chambers for redirection to the collection areas. Depending on the country and/or the application, the complete system could include one of our excellent pipe systems:

• Pragma® (Pipelife’s patented corrugated pipe system)
• PP Master
• PVC smooth pipe solutions
• Poly-propylene manholes and inspection chambers

Get clean

When discharging the water offsite into the environment: it must be as clean as rain water.
In case of harvesting for reuse: after filtering the purified water will be suitable for sanitary, cleaning or irrigation purposes.

An advanced filter and cleaning technique is part of the Raineo® system. The required cleaning level is determined by the extent of pollution of the water, the vulnerability of the immediate surroundings and whether or not to reuse the accumulated water.

Depending on circumstances and purposes the water will be purified by special developed, hi-end filters or filter systems:

1. Leaf filter (large particles and sludge)
2. Oil separators or sedimentation tanks (gravity filtration)
3. Chemical filters (eliminate heavy metals and PAHs)
4. Combination of any system

The Stormbox: safe place to store water

The Stormbox is an open modular crate system from which easily small or large underground water storage facilities can be build. Thanks to Pipelife’s Stormbox easy click and stack system the water buffer can be stacked in brick bond formations, which means very fast installation.

The click and stach system also means that the buffer becomes an exceptional strong unit. It will be resistant to high vertical and lateral soil pressure and withstands heavy traffic.

The complete Raineo® solution allows the following options as each application within every country has its own specific needs:

• Infiltration of the water (groundwater control, discharging sewage systems, preventing flash flooding)
• Attenuation (controlled evacuation of the water collected)
• Reuse of the water (purify for human reuse or for irrigation)
• Storage of the water (for future use)

Look inside

While the complete Raineo® system is low maintenance, a regular inspection of the system should be performed. The advantages that Raineo® can give to the system manager are what make the difference.

Unlike other systems Raineo® allows inspection camera viewing from any direction. Thanks to the open cage construction you can inspect the interior of the whole box and even that of the one next to it….. no hidden surprises! And when inspection learns that cleaning is advisable: the Stormbox can withstand high pressure washing, with resistance up to 180 bar water pressure. All these features are the result of the patented Pipelife Stormbox construction.

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