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Stilla grows continuously

Pipelife’s premium silent soil system named StillaTM deals with the pipes designated for vertical soil installations in buildings, where the acoustic effects are most pronounced. The absorbing action is based on the increased sound absorbency in the wall made of special material with a high resonance weight and increased thickness.

The pipes are made of a highly filled polypropylene providing achievement of optimal thermal and mechanical parameters. The selected mineral filler efficiently helps to decrease the pipe sounds effects.

Presently Pipelife is expecting a continuation of the strong sales development for our premium soil solution StillaTM in all active countries. Due to the growing demand the decision was taken to continue the product range enlargement of StillaTM pipes and fittings. 

After introducing the full assortment in diameter 50mm in 2007, the progress continued this year. The range of pipes and fittings was complemented by the launch of the diameter 125mm.

Today, Pipelife is offering the complete StillaTM pipes and fittings solution in diameters 50, 75, 110, 125 and 160mm. And already now the next step of implementing the diameter 200mm is taken into consideration.

With the full support of Pipelife’s logistic centres in several European countries, we are prepared to immediately roll-out the full StillaTM system in all our markets.

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