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Cleanbox Grease - How does it work

The grease contaminated wastewater enters the separator through the inlet. Because the organic fat and grease have a lower specific gravity than water they float to the surface of the separator. After cooling, accumulated grease and fat form a solid layer on the surface. The separator retains this layer, while the purified water is safely released into the environment.

Although Pipelife tanks offer high storage volume, the grease remains should be checked regularly. When the tank is full, the grease should be removed by a certified cleaning company, which will provide further environmentally friendly processing.

a. Contaminated water enters the separator through the special Pipelife water distribution system.

b. Grease will rise to the surface due to lower density.

c. Sludge sinks to the bottom of the tank.

d. The water leaving the lower outlet is free from grease and sludge.