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Plumbing covers the in-house foul water lines including pipes, fittings, floor drains, traps, back flow protection, gease separators and roof drainage systems - when they are installed within the interior walls of the house.

Plumbing systems are well established throughout the Pipelife Group, which holds the leading position in many European countries. Our strategy is to follow the individual market demands and climate differences. Therefore the Group offers different solutions such as the traditional PVC system with the glue socket connection as well as PP systems, providing complete solutions for the application in the different regions.


All Pipelife plumbing systems are available with a full range of accessories, connection components and fixing elements. For further information please contact us.


A revolutionary system for indoor soil pipes, where design takes pride of place. The innovative solution offers many benefits: Fewer fittings along with simple and reliable installation are important advantages. The design of the joints makes the pipe system easy to clean and also prevents the lubricant from coming out onto the visible pipe end.

Master 3

The new soil system for professionals. MASTER 3 soil pipes consist of three polypropylene layers optimally complement each other. Each layer has its own special effect on the characteristics of the pipe.

PP Eurosocket

This solution is modern and an economical solution that meets the highest European requirements. It is mainly used in Central and Eastern Europe.