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Slim Soil And Waste Systems

FLEXIBLE and elegant solutions FOR ANY SPACE

With increasing demand for innovative soil and waste systems, even for embedded pipes, our piping systems set a new standard for discharging wastewater, where space saving and design take pride of place.

Thanks to the innovative flush socket design of our Smartline soil and waste systems you have three additional benefits compared to the rest of our soil and waste range:

  • Increased flexibility in pipe layout, simpler installation and easier maintenance
  • Aesthetically pleasing and also available in chrome, you can use Smartline in open installations e.g. in bathrooms and wet rooms
  • You need less space in walls and behind coverings 

Made from polypropylene, you soil and waste pipe installation is not only an elegent solution but also durable as it is impact and corrosion resistant.  

Design meets functionality

Far fewer pipe components are needed thanks to Smartline's sophisticated design. The system is a one-stop-shop solution which can be applied for new buildings or to replace any existing soil and waste system.

Since the pipes are also easier to cut and connect, the system will suit almost any individual requirement needing less space for hidden layouts and walls. It is also safer and faster to install.

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Durable and environmentally-friendly systems

Due to their long service life, fully recyclable materials and low environmental footprint in production, our pipes conform to the strictest production standards for sustainability.

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