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Geo-textile covered Drainage Pipes available from Pipelife Hungary

Debrecen. Since summer 2008, Pipelife Hungary has extended its Drainage pipe product range by a geo-textile covered pipe. The idea of such a cover is to prevent small particles of soil to slip through the perforration into the pipe, to avoid clogging of it and hindering the water flow.

Pipelife Hungary's regular Drainage pipe range consits of single layer corrugated and perforrated PVC pipes in the dimensions 50, 65, 80 and 100. The standard lenght of the coils of these pipes is 100m, but adapting top customer needs, we also produce coils in 50 and 200m, whereby the color of the pipes might also change due to customer request. Standard color is yellow.

Our pipe is extruded from PVC dry-blend, whereby during the heating up, forming and cooling down of the pipe the nice currugated shape rises. After the extrusuion process, the slot-holes are punched into the pipes.

In case of needed geo-textile cover, the amount of coils requested is carried to a neighbouring company, which will perform the geo-textile wrapping for us. In the course of this process, the pipes are uncoiled, covered with the geo-textile material and then recoiled again.

For more information please contact Oliver Banner (Pipelife Hungary).